Autonomous Chip Development Capability

LisuanTech develops high-performance TrueGPU, founded by industry-wide leading experts who have led the research and development of GPU chips for more than 20 years. Based on self-developed architecture and intellectual property, LisuanTech GPUs’performance can benchmark against the international mainstream products to serve the 200-billion-yuan domestic all-round rendering GPU market and realize high-performance graphics rendering in product end, cloud end as well as car/edge end. To meet the demand of the underlying core chips and computing resources in digital economy, LisuanTech takes full advantages of self-developed architecture to provide partners with  software solutions in multiple fields such as reality acceleration, e-sports, digital twins, Metaverse, VR/AR, ultra-high-resolution video, professional design and so on. Currently LisuanTech has financed hundreds of millions yuan and established several offices in Nanjing, Beijing and Shanghai.
Self-developed architecture
Autonomous intellectual property rights
All market aspects
Benchmark against the international mainstream



AI Powered GPU

Self-developed architecture, autonomous development, self-owned intellectual property GPU products (Pangu architecture, G100 TrueGPU), for high-performance graphics rendering in the end + cloud + edge.

Exponentially Improve the GPU performance in computing density and PPA.

LisuanTech  has Industry-wide leading experts who worked in Silicon Valley for over 25 years and led the research and development of GPU chips in renowned firms. Team members are from the University of California, Tsinghua University, Jiaotong University, Southeast University, Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Peking University, Fudan University and so on with an average of 15 years of working experience in Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, S3, Trident, Qualcomm, etc. We value innovation and collaboration, believe in hardworking, and sincerely invite elites who have passion for the semiconductor industry and ambition for success to join us.
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LisuanTech is committed to self-developed high-performance GPUs to fill the domestic vacancy. GPU is the underlying core chip and computing power resource of the digital economy, digital twins and Metaverse. The market demand is growing exponentially.